Frequently Asked Apostille Questions

Can I get an Apostille in Florida for my Maryland birth Certificate?

No. Apostilles are issued by the Secretary of State that the document was issued in. If you have a Maryland Birth Certificate you need to obtain Apostille through the Maryland Secretary of State. If you have more questions about getting a Florida Apostille please don’t hesitate to email us or call us 850-322-0911. If you’re ready to get going with having us obtain your Apostille please fill out our inquiry form.

Is it $100 per document?

No. Our service fee is flat. It’s $50 for our 3-5 day service and $100 for our 24 hour service whether you send us 1 or 100 documents our fee remains the same. The State of Florida charges $10 for each Apostille for notarize documents and $20 for court certified documents.

Can the document be in a foreign langue and still get Apostille?
Yes! Your document can be in a foreign language but the part the Florida notary does must be in English.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, we accept credit and debit card payment through our website. We are a small business so a $5 processing fee is added to all credit or debit payments
Do I have to send you the original document?
Yes! The State requires original document to get an Apostille. Do NOT send us a photocopy.
What if the country I’m sending the document to is not part of the Hague Convention?
The Secretary of state will issue an Authentication. When we bring your document to the Florida Secretary of State we tell them what country you will be using the document in and they issue the appropriate document- either Authentication or Apostille.
What is an Apostille?

Basically it allows you to use notarized documents and State documents in another country. According to the Florida Secretary of State an Apostille is a Certificate of authenticity issued by the Florida Department of State of a Notarization, which renders such notarization valid”for acceptance and legal use, for the benefit of the recipient in countries participating in the Hague Convention. This is an international treaty to facilitate international business among other things

Why isn’t your shipping address on the website?
To ensure the best quality service and avoid any delays in getting your Apostille we don’t post our shipping address until after you’ve contacted us. We want to talk with you via email or phone call to discuss the documents you need the Apostille for. We often times have people send us documents that are incorrect which then causes a delay and wastes money. so we kindly ask that you complete our inquiry form then we’ll send you our shipping address.