A Notary On The Go can assist in all your Notary Needs

Palm Harbor



A Notary On The Go Has Been Providing Notary Services
In Palm Harbor For
Over 20 Years.

Our knowledge and experience makes us a true leader in the Palm Harbor notary community. Whether you need a notary during the day, late night, or on a weekend we have got you covered.

We always take the time to learn about what you need notarized so it’s done accurately and correctly the first time. Our knowledge and experience allow us to handle notarizing your documents with the utmost care and knowledge.

We have experience in the following:

    • Mobile notary service
    • Fast Florida Apostille Service
    • Florida business filings and annual report filings
    • I-9 employment verification forms
    • Estate documents, Wills & Power of Attorney documents
    • School documents
    • VIN (verifying vehicle identification numbers)
    • Real estate closing and Loan closings
    • Remote Online Notary
    • Wedding Officiant and Marriage license signings
    • Translation services
    • Witness service
    • Minor child travel consent form
    • Minor tattoo and piercing form
    • School residency form
    • And much more


Remote Notary Services

Did you know that our notary service can travel to you? Or if you prefer, you can come to us.

A Notary On The Go is proud to offer professional, high-quality title and notary services to customers looking for a mobile notary near them

We’re dedicated to offering top-quality services at reasonable rates, and we’re focused on customer satisfaction. 

You can use our exciting Florida Remote Online Notary service which allows us to notarize your document through the computer. What started as a necessity during COVID has now become one of our customer’s favorite convenient services.

Florida Apostille Service

A Notary On The Go can assist in all your Palm Harbor, Florida apostille services. We have a Tallahassee office, which hand delivers documents to the Florida Secretary of State on a daily basis. We are also available to:

    • Obtain Florida Apostilles quickly
    • Translation service where we are offer certified translations in over 50 languages
    • Online remote Florida notary and fast Florida apostille
    • Obtain certified copies of Florida corporation or LLC filings for apostille
    • Filing of a new corporation or anything related to your Florida business filings
    • Florida Criminal history checks. We can obtain your Florida Department of Law Enforcement (F.D.L.E.) background check.
    • Retrieval of your Florida Apostille that you shipped to the Division of Corporations. If you shipped your documents to the State and it’s taking forever to get them back to you, you can hire us to go get them. It should be noted that it takes about 2 business days for retrieval.

      Palm Harbor Wedding Services

      Is your wedding location in Palm Harbor? Do you need notary assistance with it? We can help! A Notary On The Go can do the minimum legal requirement to get you married or we can officiate a beautiful wedding ceremony for you. Our Palm Harbor wedding services can truly make your special day memorable and easy.


      Notary For Florida Marriage License

      Whether you just want to be legally married or have a notary sign your actual Florida marriage license, we can handle those tasks for you.


      Officiant Service

      • It is your special day. We can conduct your wedding ceremony. We can also help design the ceremony and vows to your exact specifications.
      • We will notarize and sign your Florida Marriage License


      Mail Away Marriage License Service

      Life can get pretty hectic and crazy at times. If you don’t have time to go to a Florida Clerk of Court to obtain a marriage license, A Notary On The Go can help you. Our very convenient Mail Away Marriage License Service allows us to obtain your Florida marriage license for you.

      A Notary On The Go is here to help you! For all of your Palm Harbor notary services wants and needs, contact us today to learn more about all of our notary services.

      Our Notary Services

      Remote Online Notary

      Online notary service allows you to get your document notarized online via your computer, smartphone, or tablet anywhere or anytime!

      Fast Florida Apostille

      Don’t waste your time traveling to Tallahassee or Palm Harbor to get your Apostille. Our office can get your Florida Apostille fast.

      Notary Service

      Mobile notary service throughout Clearwater, Palm Harbor and Tallahassee. Family owned and operated since 2001. Available on short noticed or you can plan ahead.

      a notary on the go Tallahassee Florida

      Wedding Officiant Notary

      Your wedding can be large or small, planned or on short notice, religious or non-religious, or simply get your marriage license notarized.

      What Is A Notary?

      A notary public is a public official who serves as an impartial witness to the signing of important legal documents. Notaries are appointed by state governments and are responsible for verifying the identity of signatories and ensuring that they understand the implications of the documents they are signing. In Tallahassee and Palm Harbor, FL, notaries can be found in a variety of settings, including law firms, banks, and government offices. Notaries play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of legal transactions, and their services are often required for real estate transactions, wills, and powers of attorney. If you need a notary in Tallahassee and Palm Harbor, FL, you can easily find one through a quick online search or by asking for a referral from a trusted professional.

      Say ‘I Do’ with Confidence:
      Personalized Wedding Officiant Services

      Our team of non-denominational wedding officiants are available to officiate a variety of small to Large Wedding Ceremonies and Vow Renewal Ceremonies. We offer affordable wedding ceremony packages including a wedding photography, ceremony chairs, wedding arbors, and more.


      Notary on the Go services are professional and very helpful during these trying times. Prompt and helpful. Thank you Charmaine.

      Roger Picard

      We wish we could give more than 5 stars! We tried for about 4 hours to find a notary that was truly 24 hours. Every other one that claims to be 24 hours was not and they were rude when asked about service. We called and she was more than accommodating at a late hour, she did not even hesitate. We needed a marriage license notarized, and it was important that we had the specific date. We highly recommend A Notary On The Go. 🙂

      Stephanie Short


      Do you travel to hospitals and health care facilities?

      Yes, we travel to hospitals and health care facilities. 

      Health care providers are typically not allowed to act as witnesses.

      Documents such as wills and power of attorneys require two witnesses that

      are not a part of the document or family members. 

      Do you provide witnesses?

      Yes, we can provide witnesses with advance notice. Depending on the number of 

      Documents to be witnessed an additional witness fee would be applied.

      How much notice is required?

      We are flexible. A 24 hour advance notice is preferred. We can do same day services as well.

      Can you notarize and perform a wedding on the same day?

      Yes, as long as you have a valid Florida marriage license we can notarize and perform a wedding on the same day. 

      Do you need to see the vehicle to verify a Vehicle Number?

      Yes, the notary is required to perform a physical inspection of the vehicle for the purpose

      of verifying that the vehicle’s identification number is the same as the number on the form. The form would then be signed, sealed and dated by the notary.

      What kind of identification is required?

      A notary may identify a document through any one of the following documents.

      • Valid Florida driver’s license identification card issued by the Dept of Motor Vehicles
      • US passport 
      • Foreign passport if stamped by the US Immigration Services
      • Driver’s license or non driver’s ID issued by another US state
      • US military ID
      • Permanent resident card issued by US Immigration Services

      Unacceptable ids would be birth certificates, credit cards, social security cards, and drivers licenses without photographs.

      Can you accept a copy of the signer's ID?

      We cannot accept copies of ID’s. Copies of id’s lack security, and are vulnerable to tampering.

      What forms of payment do you accept?

      We accept cash, Zeelle, checks, debit/credit, paypal, venmo and CashApp

      Can we notarize something in another county?

      Yes, we can notarize a document in any Florida county

      Can you notarize at a prison?

      Yes, we can travel to prison and notarize documents. The inmate must provide satisfactory evidence of identification. Advance notice is required, and we may be asked for additional security measures.