Florida Business Filings

Fast, Reliable, and Stress-Free Business Filings

We are available to handle your Florida business filings with the Florida Secretary of State Division of Corporations.

Your business documents will be submitted to the appropriate state office the same day on which they are received- (if received before 3pm).

We do not need original documents to handle your Florida business filings – emailed documents are accepted. 

Florida business filings are used to create a Florida Corporation or Florida Limited Liability Company. We provide Florida business filing and information services for our clients.

We can help you form your business and maintain your compliance with the State of Florida. We can help you open an LLC, file a Corporation, register as your Registered Agent and miscellaneous Florida business filings to help maintain your Limited Liability Companies and Corporations.

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How quickly do you need your Florida business filings completed?

We can help you get your Florida business filings done faster than if you send them directly to the State. Your Florida business filings will be submitted to the appropriate state office the same day on which they are received- (if received before 3pm).

Before sending your documents directly to the Florida Division of Corporations you should consider how quickly you need the filing done and check out the current state document processing times are: Processing Dates and Information.

Corporate filings (charter documents, amendments, etc.) are returned with a letter from the state and if requested, certified copy and/or a good standing certificate.

Apostilles are hand delivered to the Secretary of State’s office and retrieved upon completion, usually within 1-2 business days, then shipped back to you.

What To Expect

We will personally take care of your Florida business filings with the State and fees paid.

Florida business filing documents can be sent through email or shipped to us. Originals are not required. If the filing gets rejected, we can work with you to resolve the issue and resubmit the documents. Once your Florida business filings are complete, we will obtain a receipt and/or a certified copy and/or certificate of good standing if you requested that. Then we will ship your documents and certifications if requested.

Our Florida business filings service
includes but is not limited to:

  • New Florida business entity filings
  • LLC Amendments, mergers, conversions, and resignations
  • Corporate amendments, mergers, conversions, and resignations
  • New foreign registrations
  • Trademark/service mark filings
  • Limited partnership filings
  • General partnership filings
  • Annual reports and reinstatements
  • Fictitious name registrations and renewals
  • Notary public commissions
  • Remote online notary
  • Certification request
  • Apostille requests
  • Service of process
  • Lien filings
  • Corporate address changes
  • Fictitious name registration address changed


State of Florida filing fees vary depending on what you need done. Florida business filing fees can be found on the Division of Corporations website.

Our Florida business filing service fee is $75* plus State fees and return shipping. *Fee does not include Apostille fees if that is needed

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If handling your Florida business filings is stressing, you out and you’re tired of waiting please contact us today.

We are a local Tallahassee business that personally handles all your Florida business filing documents directly with the State of Florida. We are here to help you!