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Fast Apostille Services

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Streamline your international document authentication with A Notary On The Go Florida.Our guide simplifies the Apostille process, ensuring your documents are globally recognized swiftly and efficiently. Whether for business, study, or legal matters, learn how to choose the right Apostille service and secure
your certification without delay.

Your Guide to Swift International
Document Authentication

In today’s globalized world, the need for quick and reliable document authentication is more pressing than ever. Whether you’re working abroad, dealing with international legal matters, or expanding your business across borders, obtaining an Apostille can be a crucial step.

This guide aims to demystify the process of securing a fast Apostille service, ensuring your documents are recognized internationally without delay.


Understanding Apostille Services

An Apostille is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Apostille Convention.

This special certification simplifies the legalization process of documents between signatory countries, making it faster and more straightforward. Documents eligible for an Apostille range from birth certificates to court orders, educational degrees, and more.

For a comprehensive overview of the Hague Apostille Convention and the types of documents eligible, visiting the Hague Conference on Private International Law is highly recommended.

Choosing the right Apostille service is paramount to ensuring your documents are processed efficiently and recognized internationally.

A reputable service should offer clear information on their processing times, fees, and the types of documents they handle.

For detailed guidelines on Apostille requirements and how to choose a credible service, the U.S. Department of State – Apostille Requirements page is an invaluable resource.

A Notary on The Go Florida
A Notary on The Go Florida

Navigating International Requirements
and Legalizations

Understanding the specific requirements of the destination country is crucial when seeking an Apostille for your documents. Each country that is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention may have its own set of rules and procedures for the acceptance of Apostilled documents.

It’s essential to research or consult with the Apostille service provider about these requirements to ensure your documents meet all necessary criteria.

Legalization for Non-Member Countries

For countries not part of the Hague Apostille Convention, a different process called legalization is required. This process involves multiple steps, including certification by the originating country’s foreign affairs department and then by the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

Although more time-consuming and complex, understanding this process is vital for ensuring your documents are legally recognized in non-member countries.

Tips for Smooth International Document Authentication

Early Preparation: Start the Apostille or legalization process well in advance of your deadline. Some countries or documents may require longer processing times.

Verify Requirements: Double-check the document requirements and processing times for the specific country where the document will be used. Requirements can vary widely from one country to another.

Professional Translation: If your documents are not in the official language of the destination country, professional translation might be required. Ensure the translation is certified for international use.

Consult Experts: When in doubt, consult with a professional Apostille service or legal expert specializing in international document authentication. Their expertise can save time and prevent mistakes.

Keep Copies: Always keep copies of original documents and any correspondence related to the Apostille or legalization process. This documentation can be crucial in case of disputes or if documents are lost.

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What is an Apostille?

An apostille is authentication of a public document in a foreign country. A public document is a document issued by an elected or appointed public official or has been notarized. For example, a marriage license, death certificate, school transcript, diploma, vehicle title, adoption records, criminal background checks, court documents, etc.

The apostille certifies the authenticity of the issuing official or notary public’s signature.

The 1961 Hague Convention established the apostille as a form of authentication for its member states.

The Florida Secretary of State is the Competent Authority in Florida. Our Tallahassee notary is located minutes away from the Florida Secretary of state and personally hand delivers all documents for apostille. 

How to get an apostille?

Ship us your documents along with your completed order form and a prepaid return shipping label and we’ll get your Apostille completed quickly. 

How much does a Florida apostille cost?

$10 for notarized document and $20 for court certified documents

What is the processing time for a Florida apostille?

If you choose to send your documents directly to the Secretary of State it could take a couple of days or it could take 6 weeks- there’s really no telling…it depends on their current workload and where they are at. 

You can view the current date they are working on here:  https://dos.myflorida.com/sunbiz/document-processing-dates/

Can I submit my documents in person?

Yes, you can bring them to the Secretary of State in Tallahassee, Florida. 

Can you obtain my apostille if I already shipped it to the Florida Secretary of State?

Yes, we offer document retrieval service. You email us a signed authorization letter giving us permission to retrieve your document and we will take it to the State and get your apostille within 2 business days. 

Can you get authentications for countries that are not part of the Hague convention?

Yes. You will need to do a couple of extra steps to authenticate your documents:

The document must be properly notarized.

Authentication by the Florida Secretary of State.

Authentication by the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC; and

Legalized at the embassy/consulate of the destination country.

Unfortunately, there is no way to expedite or rush a U.S. Department of State authentication.  As of March 2023, the average turnaround time is 10-14 weeks.  Please plan accordingly.

Will you review my documents before I ship them to you to ensure they get apostille the first time around?

Yes. We always request you send us a scan or picture of your documents prior to you shipping them to us so we can check them. We don’t want to waste any of your time or money so having us check them before shipping to us is always best. Because we have been a Tallahassee notary for almost 12 years, we know how to notarize properly and can help ensure your documents are accepted for apostille by the Florida Secretary of State

Why do I need a Florida apostille for my documents?

If you intend to use a Florida-issued public document in another country that is part of the Hague Apostille Convention, you need an apostille to authenticate the document and facilitate its acceptance abroad.

Can I get an Apostille in Florida for my Maryland birth certificate?

No. Apostilles are issued by the Secretary of State that the document was issued in. If you have a Maryland Birth Certificate you need to obtain Apostille through the Maryland Secretary of State. If vou have more questions about getting a Florida Apostille please don’t hesitate to email us info@anotaryonthegoflorida.com or call us 850-322-0911. If you’re ready to get going with having us obtain your Apostille please fill out our inquiry form.

Is it $100 per document?

No. Our service fee is flat. It’s $50 for our 3-5 day service and $100 for our 24 hour service whether you send us 1 or 100 documents our fee remains the same. The State of Florida charges $10 for each Apostille for notarize documents and $20 for court certified documents.

Can the document be in a foreign langue and still get Apostille?
Yes! Your document can be in a foreign language but the part the Florida notary does must be in English.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, we accept credit and debit card payment through our website. We are a small business so a $5 processing fee is added to all credit or debit payments.
Do I have to send you the original document?
Yes!! The State requires original document to get an Apostille. Do NOT send us a photocopy.
What if the country I’m sending the document to is not part of the Hague Convention?
The Secretary of State will issue an Authentication. When we bring your document to the Florida Secretary of State we tell them what country you will be using the document in and they issue the appropriate document- either Authentication or Apostille.
Why isn’t your shipping address on the website?
To ensure the best quality service and avoid any delays in getting your Apostille we don’t post our shipping address until after you’ve contacted us. We want to talk with you via email or phone call to discuss the documents you need the Apostille for. We often times have people send us documents that are incorrect which then causes a delay and wastes money. So we kindly ask that you complete our inquiry form then we’ll send you our shipping address.