Happy Trinity Notary Hospital Assignment

April 30, 2014

Recently, Charmaine was contacted by a local attorney to notarize adoption papers at a hospital in Trinity. Sometimes assignments at hospitals can be challenging, and even depressing….but this one was a Happy Trinity Notary Hospital Assignment!!!

Upon arriving at the hospital she was meet by the attorney and the adoptive parents. The attorney had her notarize and witness the discharge papers for twin boy A & twin boy B. The beautiful healthy babies were being released that night to their adoptive parents. The babies were born almost three weeks early, but both weighted over 6 lbs. The adoptive parents knew the biological mother and plan to have her in the children’s lives. The adoptive parents believe no one can have too much love!
After the legal documents were notarized the babies were released and going to their new home in New York. This was a Happy Trinity Notary Hospital Assignment 🙂