Need Help Understanding Apostilles And Authentication Certificates

July 11, 2017

Need help Understanding Apostilles and Authentication Certificates?

To get an Apostille in Florida you must go through the Secretary of State in Tallahassee. Good news, we offer service in Tallahassee and can obtain your Apostille for you. We understand getting an Apostille is frustrating and confusing!

Often times we get contacting asking us what is an Apostille!! You’ve been told you need one but don’t even know what it is! The National Notary Association recently wrote an article to help explain what an Apostille is. Click here to check out the article.

If you hire us to obtain your Apostille, we will work with you and help make the process as easy as possible. Whether you need Certified Articles of Organization for a LLC, Marriage License Apostille, or School transcripts Apostille we can help! Please understand, we are no an informational hotline.

If you are not going to use our Fast Florida Apostille Service please contact the State of Florida Department of State Division of Corporations directly to ask your questions.

The benefit of hiring A Notary On The Go Fast Florida Apostille is that we will check your documents for accuracy prior to brining to the State. The Secretary of State will only accept documents that have been notarized properly and sadly we find that many notaries don’t do this. We will help you get your documents notarized property ensuring you’ll get the Florida Apostille in a timely manner.

You’ll send your original documents to our Tallahassee Notary who will personally take the Florida Secretary of State to obtain your Apostilles then will ship everything back to you!

If you’re new to the world of Apostilles and Authentication Certificates, you’re not alone. These documents may be essential for a range of activities such as international business, marriage, and education, but navigating the technicalities can be a challenge.

An Apostille is a form of authentication for documents that will be used outside of the United States. Essentially, it’s an international certification that verifies a document is legitimate and can be accepted in other countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention.

This certification is especially critical when you are engaging in international activities that require legal paperwork like business contracts, marriage certificates, or educational documents.

On the other hand, Authentication Certificates serve a similar purpose but are used for countries not part of the Hague Apostille Convention. The process for obtaining an Authentication Certificate is generally more complex and might require further legalizations from a foreign embassy or consulate.

When using our Fast Florida Apostille Service, you’re tapping into an efficient system designed to expedite this process. We understand the stringent guidelines that must be followed, including the proper notarization of your original documents.

Notarization is the first critical step in making your document eligible for either an Apostille or an Authentication Certificate. Many documents are rejected by the Secretary of State for improper notarization, leading to delays and additional costs. Our service aims to preempt these issues by double-checking the notarization process.

If you need help Understanding Apostilles and Authentication Certificates get started with our Fast Florida Apostille Service by completing our contact form.