Palm Harbor Notary Communicates with Customers

March 4, 2015

By: Charmaine Doumanian- A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor

I quite often hear, “Wow, I didn’t think you’d get back to me so quickly!” or “I didn’t think I’d hear back from you right away.” With all of the available methods of communication I don’t understand why communication is so lacking. If I miss a call when I am in an appointment I will call back after the appointment or even send a text that I’m in a meeting. I want to be known as the Palm Harbor Notary Communicates with Customers! We have so many ways to communicate available to us: texting, e-mail, Facebook messaging, Instagram etc. etc. that I can’t come up with a reason for not communicating. All too often I find that communication is not reciprocated.  It can be frustrating when we have an appointment booked and cant’ find the location, or a gated community that we can’t get into, or even if something happens to us in route, or maybe if we are running late. We will call or text and get no response leaving us to do best we can to figure it out.  You can be sure if you contact A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor, Dunedin or Tallahassee that we will return your call or respond back to you in whatever method that you contacted us in a very prompt manner.