We cannot give legal advice

October 14, 2014

As a Palm Harbor Notary team, we are quite often asked for advice on documents when witnessing signatures. We cannot, and will not, give legal advice. We can show you sometimes where answers may be on the document, but we cannot interpret what the meaning is. We are commissioned by the State of Florida to serve as a public impartial witness to oversee the signing of legal documents.  We are required to obtain government issued identification from the signer, and determine that the signer is capable of signing, and comprehends the purpose of the documents being signed. When asked about legal advice will advise signer to contact an attorney if unclear about the document being signed. We are always willing to guide you with proper signatures. Review your documents, and consult an attorney should you have any questions about the documents that you are signing. We are here for you as your Palm Harbor Notary team!