Summer Time Notary Woes
June 19, 2015

The Florida Summer heat is officially here! The past 4 days in Tallahassee, FL have reached over 100 degrees! As a Mobile Tallahassee Notary and Mobile Palm Harbor Notary team, we’ve been feeling the heat; our cars are HOT and outside is HOT and steamy, and the mosquitoes are out to get us!! We’ve also been feeling the afternoon rain showers. During this extreme you’ll find that we wear capri pants, open shoes, tank tops, and drink lots of water! We also bring a rain coat and umbrella with us everywhere because you never know when the rain will hit! So please don’t laugh at us if we are hot and sweaty when we show up at your house for a notary job; please understand we run around all day in and out of cars and we get HOT.  Then we get rained on! Then our hair gets messed up and we looked like hot drowned rats. HAHA! Jk! But really please be careful of the extreme heat during the Florida summer. Never leave children and/or pets inside vehicles.

If you live and Florida and are feelin’ our summer time notary woes you’ll get a laugh out of this: “31 Ways It Really, Truly Sucks To Live In Florida In The Summer”