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Need Help Understanding Apostilles And Authentication Certificates

Need help Understanding Apostilles And Authentication Certificates? To get an Apostille in Florida you must go through the Secretary of State in Tallahassee. Good news, we offer service in Tallahassee and can obtain your Apostille for you. We understand getting an Apostille is frustrating and confusing! Often times we get contacting asking us what is an Apostille!! You’ve been told you need one but don’t even know what it is! The National Notary Association recently wrote an article to help explain what an Apostille is. Check Continue reading →

Rainy Days & Tampa Notary Appointments

We have had so much rain this past week, but it hasn’t stopped A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor/Dunedin/Tallahassee from handing Clearwater / Tampa notary appointments and Tallahassee notary appointments. It has made it a bit more challenging driving on flooded streets, going into gated communities (especially when we don’t have the codes), looking for houses with no numbers, and just getting in and out of our cars with documents while carrying an umbrella.  As a Tampa Notary we find it frustrating when other Continue reading →

Clearwater Notary was asked, “Can dog be my witness?”

As a Clearwater notary service and Tallahassee Notary service, we are asked to notarized documents that require additional witness. For examples, Wills, Power of Attorney, Quick Claim Deeds, and more all require witnesses in additional the Florida notary. Often times when we are called the caller is not aware of this and sometimes struggles to find witnesses. If this is the case we do our best to find friends and neighbors to be their witnesses- but this means you must travel to us. If you Continue reading →

Clearwater Notary Can Meet You anytime- even midnight

Our Clearwater Notary, George Jr., was hired to handle a late night appointment. This couple needed their document signed at MIDNIGHT and because it was so late they wanted George to travel to their house. As a Clearwater Notary, George Jr., is willing to meet customers any where and anytime so he worked out the details and made arrangements to meet them at their home a at midnight. There are a lot of notaries in the Tampa area. Many are great. But if you’re looking Continue reading →

Florida Apostille Service

What is an Apostille? An “apostille” is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961. A list of countries that accept apostilles is provided by the US State Department. The Florida Secretary of State will Apostille or recognize the commission of a Florida notary public or a Florida elected official for the following documents (click her for full Florida Apostille details): Original notarized documents, that have been correctly notarized in English, or that have been certified as true copies by a Florida Notary Continue reading →