5 Key Benefits of Using Online Notary Services in Florida

September 19, 2023

The role of a notary public is one of the oldest and most recognized in modern society. Notaries authenticate the legitimacy of important documents, ensuring that signatories are who they claim to be and understand the implications of what they’re signing.

Traditionally, this service was conducted in person, requiring all parties to be physically present during the signing.

However, technological advances have paved the way for online notary services, a convenient alternative that has been legal in Florida since 2012 under the Electronic Wills Act.

Below, we examine the five key benefits of using online notary services in Florida.

Essential Documents a Mobile Notary in Florida Can Legally Notarize1. Convenience of Using Online Notary Services

The most obvious advantage is the sheer convenience online notary services offer. With traditional notarization, you would need to find a local notary, coordinate schedules, and travel—sometimes multiple times if your paperwork isn’t in order.

Online notary services in Florida eliminate this hassle by providing a platform where you can have documents notarized from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a stable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone.

Furthermore, these digital platforms often offer features like document storage and easy retrieval, so you can readily access your notarized documents whenever you need them without digging through physical files.

The scheduling flexibility is another highlight, with some services operating around the clock, making it easier to find a time that suits you without the constraints of traditional business hours.

Additionally, if you’re coordinating with multiple parties, the online platform often allows everyone to join from different locations, eliminating the need to arrange a common meeting point.

The convenience provided by online notary services, such as A Notary On The Go Florida fundamentally transforms how you approach life events that require notarization.

Whether you’re buying a home, establishing a trust, or finalizing business agreements, the streamlined process significantly simplifies these complex undertakings.

2. Enhanced Accessibility

Online Notary Services in FloridaOnline notarization is incredibly useful for those who are housebound due to illness, those who have difficulty traveling, or people who live in remote areas.

Being able to get important documents notarized without leaving your home can be invaluable. It’s also beneficial for businesses that operate across different time zones or international borders, making it easier to get documents authenticated without logistical gymnastics.

Moreover, for the elderly or those with mobility issues, online notary services remove the barriers associated with physical travel, offering a much-needed alternative.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the accessibility of services like online notarization ensures that important legal processes are more inclusive and attainable for everyone.

3.Speed Advantage of Online Notary Services

A traditional notary appointment can sometimes take days or even weeks to schedule, especially if the notary is highly sought-after or has limited availability. Even after reaching the office, the process can take a considerable amount of time, including waiting for your turn.

In contrast, online notary services often offer immediate or near-immediate availability. Some platforms even offer 24/7 services, allowing you to get your documents notarized at any time that suits you.

This speed and flexibility are particularly advantageous for urgent or time-sensitive situations, like closing a quick real estate deal or finalizing emergency medical paperwork.

Businesses, too, find the expedited service valuable for meeting tight deadlines without compromising on legal prerequisites.

Overall, the speed of online notary services translates to greater efficiency and reduced stress, offering a time-saving alternative to traditional methods.

4. Simple Record-Keeping

Online notary services in Florida adhere to strict legal standards, which include detailed record-keeping. When you use an online notary, a digital recording of the whole process is often stored securely.

This adds an extra layer of protection against fraud or disputes that might arise later. This is in addition to the digital certificates and tamper-evident technology that ensure the integrity of the notarized document.

The digital record-keeping serves multiple benefits, such as simplifying audit trails and expediting legal proceedings that might require a review of the notarization process.

It also provides an easy way for both parties to access and review records, removing the cumbersome necessity of physical storage and maintenance.

For businesses, this digital tracking is an excellent way to enhance compliance with regulatory requirements, particularly those requiring robust documentation for audit purposes.

In an increasingly paperless world, this digital record-keeping offers an eco-friendly alternative while elevating the standard of accountability and transparency.

5. Cost-Efficiency Using An Online Notary

While not always cheaper than traditional notary services, online options can offer cost benefits when you factor in the time and transportation costs you save.

Some online notary services also offer tiered pricing or package deals that can make it more economical for businesses or individuals who require multiple or frequent notarizations.

Additionally, the speed and availability of online notarization can translate into indirect savings; for instance, the quick turnaround could be the difference between securing a time-sensitive business deal and losing out.

Plus, online platforms often have special offers, discounts, or membership benefits that make frequent notarizations more affordable in the long run.

Another aspect to consider is the reduction in incidental costs, such as parking fees, fuel, or even the simple wear and tear on your vehicle.

When you consider all these factors, the cost-efficiency of online notary services becomes more apparent, offering a financially prudent choice for both individuals and businesses.


The role of a notary public has evolved significantly with the advent of technology, and Florida has been at the forefront of this change since the legalization of online notarization in 2012.

As we’ve explored, online notary services offer numerous advantages over traditional methods—ranging from convenience and accessibility to speed, robust record-keeping, and cost-efficiency.

With a service like A Notary On The Go Florida, these benefits are further magnified, offering a streamlined, user-friendly platform that addresses the diverse notarization needs of both individuals and businesses.

Embracing this modern approach not only makes the entire process more manageable but also ensures you are keeping pace with best practices in legal authentication.

So, why stick with the old ways when a faster, more convenient, and equally secure alternative is just a click away?
Choose A Notary On The Go Florida for all your notarization requirements and experience the future of notary services today.