Palm Harbor Notary Witnesses True Love, as well as, Signatures

July 17, 2014

A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor and Tallahassee was contacted to do a refinance closing and advised to contact borrower to confirm signing arrangements.  We were asked if we would be okay with following the borrower to an assisted living facility where his wife was at so she could sign the required spousal documents. When we contacted the borrower we let him know that we would follow him to the assisted living facility. We met him and followed him to the location. When he got out of his car we could see that he was very elderly. He was a little man walking slowly with a cane. His wife was in the assisted living facility. When walking to her room we asked him how long he had been married. He said 64 years. He said he comes to see her three times every day. His wife had Parkinson disease and has been in a facility for over a year. She had an extreme difficulty in signing the documents, but he was so sweet to her and coached her in what was needed to be done. We got through it. When we were done and walking out a caretaker was bringing her back to her room. He turned around and said, “Oh one minute let me give you a kiss.” It was so sweet, and sad, to see how much she meant to him. When we were walking out he said it’s been hard, but they are happy to still have each other.