What To Do When Witnesses Are Needed?

July 23, 2014

We often get calls for documents that require two witnesses to be present at the time of signing, in addition, to the Notary. Many times the caller doesn’t realize that Power of Attorney forms, Wills, Quit Claim Deeds, any Deed that are to be notarized in the state of Florida require two witnesses.  Assisted living homes, hospitals, and medical facility staff are typically not permitted to act as witnesses. For this reason it you will need to arrange to have witnesses, not immediate relatives to the signer or anyone that has a personal interest in the form being signed, available to act as witnesses when we, the Florida Notary, arrive.  Tip- At some facilities a social worker can act as a witness or may even help locate witnesses for you. If you are having a difficult time finding witnesses, we suggest contacting the facility and asking them if they will help arrange witnesses for you. If that is not possible you will need to bring your witnesses with you. The witnesses must be at least 18 years old and be present when the signer is signing the documents. Many times we are unable to notarize the documents because we don’t have the witnesses. This can be costly both monetarily and time wise for signer, notary, and whoever contacted the notary to make the arrangements. When calling A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor Tallahassee, we will always advise you about witnesses and on occasion may be able to provide witnesses for you. As a professional Notary service, we want your documents to be executed properly & correctly.