Clearwater Notary and a Tallahassee Notary urge you to think ahead! Do you have a Will & Power of Attorney?

March 6, 2014

We know no one likes thinking about preparing a Will or Power of Attorney but having them in place can save your family a TON of troubles. As a Clearwater Notary and a Tallahassee Notary company we notarize wills and power attorney paperwork on a regular basis. Sadly, many times families call us in a panic and having a Will and Power of Attorney signed has become a very urgent matter. We travel to nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and homes to provide a Clearwater Notary and a Tallahassee Notary service that notarizes Wills and Power of Attorney paperwork. When family’s call us and the situation is urgent, we feel bad that during this difficult time they have to think about this legal paperwork. It’s very challenging for family members and often times when we arrive everyone wishes they would have thought about this years in advance. The other issue that we see  is that the person signing doesn’t have a VALID form of a ID. As a Clearwater Notary and a Tallahassee Notary company we cannot notarize a document without seeing a valid form of id. The last tricky piece to having a Will and/or Power of Attorney completed is that there needs to be two witnesses present, in addition to the notary. This part often causes problems because nursing home, hospital, and assisted living facility staff are sometimes not allowed to sign as a witness due to insurance reasons. Which then leaves the family responsible for coordinate two witnesses and a Clearwater Notary and a Tallahassee Notary. All in all, we are an experience Clearwater Notary and a Tallahassee Notary company and we wanted to share some insight from our experiences that hopefully help you.


Disclaimer: “A Notary On The Go notaries are not attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, and may not give legal advise or accept fees for legal advice”.