Weddings On a Budget

April 5, 2011

Weddings are a time when couples share the joy and love they feel for each other with their family and friends. As exciting as getting married is, a wedding can be a costly event. From the food to the dress the cost of a wedding can quickly escalate! We at A Notary On The Go love to take note of wedding saving ideas. We officiate weddings in Tallahassee, FL and the Tampa, FL area so we see a wide variety of weddings.

Recently, we’ve noticed the amazing deals and quality of wedding items at Costco Wholesale. Costco’s members can find a number of ways to save money on their wedding. Costco sells engagement rings, invitations, flowers, cakes, appetizers, table settings, centerpieces and many other food items for weddings or any of the parties that are centered around the wedding.  Costco’s also has a travel department with great vacation packages on a budget…perfect for your honeymoon! Costco has partnered with Kirstie Kelly Signature’s sophisticated and feminine line of wedding gowns offered at exclusive special Costco member only events at select warehouses throughout the year. Savings start at 40% of retail. Find an event near you!

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