Clearwater Notary & Tallahassee Notary Assist with Telephonic Court Appearance Hearings

May 9, 2014

Recently,  Charmaine got a call from a gentleman in St Petersburg who was scheduled for a court hearing in Miami. He couldn’t take time off of work to travel to Miami so he asked his attorney if he could be sworn in over the telephone. His attorney advised him to contact a notary and ask that the notary be present at at the time of the hearing. He would be contacted by telephone and sworn in over the telephone. He contacted Charmaine’s Clearwater Notary & Tallahassee Notary service, and she was familiar with the procedure. She would be present at the time of the phone hearing and the judge would ask her to verify his identification and swear him in over the phone. The gentleman was delighted that he wouldn’t have to travel to Miami,  found someone who was familiar with this procedure, and was available to do this for him.  As a Clearwater Notary & Tallahassee Notary service we are available to assist with all sorts of notary work please contact us if you have a question about something that might need to be notarized.