Clearwater Notary For Apostille

November 7, 2014

Sometimes you have to send a notarize paper to another country. In order for the country to accept the notarized form you must have it with an Apostille from the Department of State. Getting this done can be a bit tricky because the State requires that your form be notarized correctly (the way they want it) AND they must see the original in Tallahassee, FL to give the Apostille. A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor is excited to be able to offer full-service Clearwater notary for Apostille service. This can include getting your document notarized properly, shipping to our A Notary On The Go Tallahassee notary (Amanda), having it filed in Tallahassee, and then having it returned back to you. If your document has already been notarized and you do not need a Clearwater Notary for Apostille, you can call A Notary On The Go Tallahassee at 850-322-0911 for more information on how to get your paper Apostille in Tallahassee.

John recently called us for a Clearwater Notary for Apostille and was THRILLED to have found our service. On his Google review he wrote:

“For those of you who need professional notary services I would strongly recommend this service. Amanda followed this every step along the way as I had a document notorized and sent to Venezuela and had it sent back. She immediately noticed the errors and had me correct what was done. We exchanged many texts and emails to get this done in 2 days! The document is ready to go back and I thank you Amanda for your wonderful work and professionalism!”