Convenient and Appreciated Tampa and Tallahassee Notary Service

April 28, 2016

We hear this so often how convenient and how much our mobile Tampa and Tallahassee notary services is appreciated.

We often don’t even realize just how much our services is needed and how much our customers appreciate it because we do it every day. When someone does take the time to thank us, it does make us feel happy that we could provide a much needed services to help someone out.

Recently Charmaine had a situation where she was called and asked to notarize some documents at a Tampa area assisted living facility. The woman calling me had traveled from Maine to see her brother who was in the assisted living facility. She was helping him with his legal documents and would only be here for a day. I was able to go to the facility and help her with the documents. She seemed upset as she was going through the documents and somewhat troubled about what she was doing. She left the room to get her second witness. When she was gone the other witness told me that she was here to get her brothers affairs in order. He had cancer and she needed the documents to take care of his passing arrangements. It  was so sad, but glad that we could help her with what she needed to take care of his final wishes.

Another time, Charmaine  was called by a woman and asked to go to a hospital to sign a marriage license application. Her fiancé was hospitalized and she needed to get a marriage license. Charmaine notarized the application and she took it back to the court house to get the marriage valid license. She called Charmaine back and asked us if she could then go to the hospital and perform their wedding ceremony. Charmaine gladly went back to the hospital and performed the ceremony for them. The groom laid in bed looking very weak and frail. When asked when he would be out of the hospital the bride said she didn’t know. It was very sad. We were called a few days later by the same couple to notarize a few more documents at the hospital. Charmaine walked out with one of the relatives and  asked what was wrong with him. The relative told her  that he was terminally ill and had a very short time left. Again left feeling sad, but glad we could help them out.

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