Getting a document notarized for someone in prison

September 28, 2016

By Charmaine Doumanian

I got a call asking if I could go to the Land O’Lakes Detention Facility to notarize some documents for an inmate. The documents involved custody rights for the inmate’s child. Having done this before I asked what days they allow visitation and what times were allowed. I got the details on what was needed and scheduled appointment. We’ve been asked on a number of occasions to do notarization at prisons. We can do these notarization and are familiar with security, proper dress, and what is required as a notary to complete these type of jobs. We’ve even been asked to perform weddings for inmates. In some cases the facility requires the  notary to  get background screening to be allowed into a facility.

We understand that getting a document notarized for a friend or family member who is in a correctional facility can be difficult. We will do our best to work with you should you need documents notarized for an inmate contact A Notary On the Go- Clearwater & Tallahassee.