Going the Extra Mile

October 16, 2014

By: Charmaine Doumanian, A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor Mobile Notary

I went to notarize some documents for an elderly couple. Their son had contacted me. We met at his parent’s home. They were the nicest couple. They were getting ready to have dinner and invited me to join them (I said no). They had a nice chicken dinner with all trimmings and dessert. I proceeded to do my notarization for them and left. The following morning the son contacted me and asked me if I could go back to his parent’s home and notarize a few more documents. They also needed me to bring the documents to the county clerk’s office for recording. The son who contacted me had to return to his home in California. He was concerned about his parents. The documents that they wanted me to bring to the county were documents to obtain a restraining order on another son. The son had threatened his parents. They needed to have a restraining order in place, and establish a hearing with the judge. I felt so bad that anyone would want to harm these nice people let alone their own son. I offered to pick up the documents and bring them to the county clerk’s office. The clerk’s office reviewed the papers only to find that they needed some other forms done. I got the forms and took them back to the couple. I offered to pick them up when they were completed and help them get the restraining order in place. A Notary On the Go Palm Harbor Mobile Notary, Dunedin & Tallahassee will go the extra mile to be sure what is needed to be done is done.