I’ll just go to the bank!!
February 10, 2015

We hear this all the time, “I’ll just go to the bank and get it notarized.” Then we get the call back saying the bank won’t do it. Banks are in the banking business. Banks are very limited in what they will and can notarize. They are not familiar with the documents that they are being asked to notarize and in many cases the notaries at the bank are not insured. We are not saying you CANNOT go to your bank and have your documents notarize but we suggestion calling ahead of time to see if they WILL notarize it for you. We are familiar with documents and know certain documents that require witnesses and will do a proper notarization for you. We are insured and keep current with notary laws. We are professional notary business. Save yourself the inconvenience and contact A Notary On the Go Palm Harbor, Dunedin and Tallahassee. We will and can notarize your documents for you.