Tallahassee Notary and Palm Harbor Notary Require Proper ID

December 5, 2014

I want to help everyone that calls me because I understand that when you need a document notarized it can be a pain. But, I am required to follow the State of Florida Notary Laws. As a professional, Tallahassee Notary and Palm Harbor Notary company we pride ourselves in providing accurate and legal services.  Last week, I was faced with a situation that saddened me. A man called me in Spanish and explained that he needed to sign a form and have it notarized so his children, whom are in Mexico, can travel to see him. I asked him if he had the proper ID and he said he had been issued a Mexico Matricular Consular card AKA Consular ID Card in Orlando, Florida. I didn’t know what this was so I had him text me a picture of it. I was still not sure so I called the National Notary Association help hotline. They stated that in Florida a Consular ID card is NOT an acceptable form of ID. I could use his Mexico passport as long as it was stamped from the US Immigration’s office, a valid US driver license or ID card, or a valid Mexico Drivers license. So I called the man back and asked him if he had any of the items and he said no. Sadly, I told him that I was not able to help him. He sounded so sad and I felt really bad, but I don’t break the law for anyone. The State of Florida has trusted me as Tallahassee Notary and Palm Harbor Notary to act according to state notary laws and I intend on doing so.