Interesting Notary Appointment

August 7, 2014

A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor & Tallahassee team member, George Jr., was telling me about a loan closing appointment that he had the other day in Odessa. On the outside of the house was a sign that said, “Last Chance Home”. When he questioned what the sign meant the couple told him that they were foster parents and the children that the fostered were delinquent and very troubled so this was the “last chance home” for them. They had fostered over 100 children over the years. The children they fostered were children that had been abused and were very difficult and very troubled. The children ranged in ages up to 11 years old. They had fights with each other, abused each other, and many tried to run away. Their home was located in a very rural area and one would have to travel at least eight miles to get to anything.  The children tried to hurt the foster parents, damaged belongings in the home, and even destroyed family pets. When George was telling me about the appointment I felt a double sadness. I was thinking about what the children had put the foster parents through, as well as, about what had happened to the children that caused them to be so disruptive and unable to adapt to a civil life.  As A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor & Tallahassee mobile notary team, we meet a lot of different people and this was one couple I give a lot of credit to be able to handle raising delinquent foster children and keeping their own life in order.