Schools Back! Get Your School Forms Notarized by Us!

August 19, 2014

School returned today for most counties in Florida. Children are coming home with forms and all kinds of papers that need to be filled out and many need to be notarized. If your child is participating in sports programs most of these forms require the form to be notarized before the child can even attend practice. We often get calls from frantic parents with a child cannot participate in a sports program that starts that next day because a form isn’t notarized. A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor & Tallahassee can travel to your location to notarize your forms.  We can even meet the student and parent(s) at a soccer field, football field or wherever needed. We do have offices in Palm Harbor, Tallahassee, & Dunedin where you can come to us to have your school forms notarized. Take a look at the forms your children are bringing home from school and check for pages that need to be notarized. We’ll be glad to help you with your notary needs at your convenience- we are available nights and weekends.