We notarize in hospitals & nursing homes

June 18, 2014

As a mobile Tallahassee Tampa Clearwater Notary service, we often get contacted to go to hospitals & nursing homes to notarize documents. Many times when we go to these facilities it’s difficult to find the room where the patient is.  We also have to hope  the signer will be awake and coherent at the time the arrangements were made for. We are contacted quite often by family members sometimes in other states. They don’t always know if the family member has identification, and if they can get witnesses. Most of the time, hospital staff and nursing home staff are not allowed to act witnesses which can sometimes be an issue. We occasionally can provide a witness. Social workers if asked in advance are helpful in finding witnesses and sometimes can act as a witness. We always determine both identification and witnesses prior to going to a facility. When we go to the facility it’s quite often sad seeing the poor health that many of the patients and residents are in. We are always kind and patient and helpful with the signers. We care and want to help them to be comfortable with us.