Notary for Florida Marriage

May 23, 2017

You’ve obtained your Florida Marriage License, YAY!

But you don’t want a big wedding ceremony or maybe you don’t even want a ceremony at all so now what?! You need to a notary for Florida Marriage.

That’s fine with us! A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor and Tallahassee offers a few wedding specials for small weddings and provides notary for Florida Marriage License.

Check out our specials here:

Tallahassee Wedding Ceremony Specials, #3 at the Waverly Pond Park gazebo is perfect for a small affordable wedding

Palm Harbor backyard wedding specials

If you don’t want a ceremony at all and just want to be legally married, we can notarize your Florida Marriage License. You and your partner need to be present at the time of notarization. We will ask you if you both consent to the marriage, check your IDs, then notarize the license which makes it legal. We understand that the marriage license is just a piece of paper and sometimes you just need to get it done quickly. If all you want is a Florida notary to notarize your marriage license please contact us . We can meet you at your location or you can travel to us.

If you’re considering getting married at the court house please contact us.

Skip the court house wedding! We can officiate a sweet and simple wedding ceremony at the Waverly Pond Park in Tallahassee.