Palm Harbor Notary Public Politley Declines Personal Questions

May 4, 2015

When we are contacted for our Palm Harbor notary public services we typically will go to your home or office to meet with you. We have met so many wonderful people and gone to so many places to provide Tallahassee Notary public services. We hear a lot of stories and many times we are asked questions about ourselves, our families, and even our income. We prefer NOT to engage in personal conversation particularly about our own personal lives. We are there to witness your legal documents and pay close attention to what we are doing. Not to say that we won’t talk with you, but just to remind you that our primary focus is to be witnessing the signatures and making sure it is done properly and correctly.  Once we have completed our Palm Harbor notary public services and Tallahassee Notary Public services we will always be polite, listen, and happy to have conversation with you.