Palm Harbor Notary Tallahassee Notary Provide Court Hearing Swearing In

May 27, 2015

As Palm Harbor Notary Tallahassee Notary we are contacted periodically to swear someone in who couldn’t attend a court hearing in person. If an individual is unable to attend a court hearing perhaps because the hearing is in another state an attorney will see if the judge will permit a notary to swear the individual in and have a telephone hearing. When the hearing date and time is arranged you can contact us to schedule an appointment. On the day of the hearing, we will be by the telephone with the individual that is being sworn in. We are witnessing that this individual is who they claim to be. We will ask to see a valid US government issued ID, for example a drivers license. Once the judge calls us, we will swear the individual in stating the name on the license, our name and notary commission number. Once the swearing in takes place we are ok to leave and the individual can continue privately for remainder of hearing.

Should you ever be in need of a notary to help you with a court hearing in procedure please contact A Notary On the Go- Palm Harbor Notary Tallahassee Notary. We are familiar with the procedure and will be glad to be of service to you.