We say NO to False IDS

September 22, 2014

As Palm Harbor Notary and Tallahassee Notary Public service, we see A LOT of forms of identification. And sadly there are bad people out there that try to do all sorts of things thus why having your documents notarized is so important. It’s also important to have your documents notarized by a professional and knowledgeable notary. Because our team of mobile notaries in Palm Harbor and Tallahassee is experienced and up-to-date with the current notary laws and knowledgeable about all sorts of documents that need to be notarized we can help prevent fraud. Recently, the National Notary Association has issued statements to notaries to watch out for FAKE IDs. This saddens us. If you want to use a fake ID to get into a bar and have some shenanigans that’s your chose. BUT to use a fake ID to have a document notarized is really wrong. As notaries we do our VERY VERY best to verify IDs and make sure the signer looks as they do in the ID and that it’s valid and that they sign before us, but apparently there are some really good tricky fake IDs out there. So we ask if you have a fake ID PLEASE do not call us to notarize your documents! We work really hard for our customers and we love providing you with exceptional service. We don’t want to deal with people who are trying to trick notaries and others using a fake ID.  Check out this article about how: “Senators Want China to Take Action Against Fake ID Companies“….sounds like a good idea to us! Glad to know that we are working to put an end to this! Palm Harbor Notary and Tallahassee Notary Public, we will ask to check your ID and will verify that you look like you do on your ID, that it is valid, and we require that you sign before us.