True Story about a Fast Florida Apostille

July 8, 2016

Getting a Florida Apostille is confusing! Time and time again, we receive phone calls from people who are confused, frustrated, and don’t know what to do to obtain a Florida Apostille.

People and companies will send their documents to the State of Florida to get an Apostille only to find the turnaround time is longer than they expected. The State processes thousands of documents each day and cannot guarantee a fast turn around time for documents that you send into them. Don’t worry!! We offer 2 affordable options and both will get you a Florida Apostille quickly. We personally hand deliver your documents and wait for your Apostille.

Recently, a law firm in Miami called us in a panic because they needed their Apostille NOW! They had sent it into the State and had been waiting for over 2 weeks! Now their clients deadline was a few days away and they didn’t have the Apostille documents! The law clerk called me in frantically trying to figure out her options. I informed her of our Fast Florida Apostille Same Day Turn Around Service;  she was relieved!!!

After completing their Apostille request in 1 day she emailed me saying, “THANK YOU so much! I wish we would have contacted you to handle this the 1st time!!”

A few weeks later they called me to handle another Apostille request. They didn’t want to waste any time waiting for the State to get it back to them and risk a tight deadline.

When you need to get a Florida Apostille you have a few options,

  1. Send your documents into the State of Florida directly and wait.
  2. Drive to Tallahassee, FL and get it yourself
  3. Hire us to get your Apostille quickly— this will save you time, money, frustrating

With option 1 and 2 you risk that your document has not be notarized properly and the State will reject it and not issue you a Florida Apostille thus cause you more of a delay. Option 3, when you hire us for your Fast Florida Apostille service, we check your documents for accuracey before bringing to the State to ensure we will be given an Apostille for your documents.

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