Consider Getting a Will and Power of Attorney

June 30, 2016

I have written about this before and felt I should write about it again. We find it all it happening all so often where we are called to a hospital or facility to notarize power of attorney forms or wills or other legal documents only to find that the signer is incapable of signing or not of sound mind to sign documents.

A husband contacted me last night and said he needed a notary for his wife to sign so she could continue to receive her State pension benefits.  When I arrived I could see that she was elderly and bedridden. She didn’t want to sign the document. The document was for her to continue to receive her retirement benefits. This included her health insurance, pension and any other benefits that she was entitled to receive. This form is required to be signed yearly. If she didn’t sign the document she would lose all of her benefits. She wanted nothing to do with it. I could see that she didn’t have a clear mind. The husband was almost in tears. He was so fearful of her losing her benefits. Especially her health insurance. After almost 20 minutes, I said I had to leave. He called me back about an hour later and said she would sign. When I returned a health care taker was present. It appeared that she may have been given her medicine and had a much better frame of mind. She signed the document. As I were leaving I suggested to the husband about getting a power of attorney. He agreed and was thankful for now that he got this done.

This is just another example why we blog about this suggesting not to wait until it is to late to get power of attorney, will and any other legal affairs in order. Contact A Notary on the Go Palm Harbor, Tallahassee or Dunedin.  We will be glad to come to your location, and notarize documents