We Care and We Can Help! :: Clearwater Tampa Notary

June 5, 2014

By Amanda Doumanian

As a Clearwater Tampa Notary service we get a lot of interesting calls. We care and we can help with most all of your notary needs. We understand that life happens and things happen which sometime result in difficult situations and decision to be made. We will not judge you or your situation because we want to help you get your forms notarized so you can continue with what needs to be done.

Recently, a woman from California called and said she would be traveling to Tampa. She needed a Tampa area Notary to meet her at the Land O’Lakes Detention Center. When we asked her what she needed done and she was very emotional. She wanted to share what was going on and see if we could help her.

Her daughter was in the Land ‘O Lakes Detention Center. She had documents that she needed her daughter to sign and have notarized. Her daughter had a baby and she needed documents notarized so her mother (the lady who called us) could have custody of the child. The daughter had been in a relationship where she was abused and had been injured in one of her attacks. She was put on pain pills and sadly got hooked on them. She was pregnant and left the relationship. She had drug issues and one thing lead to another and she was arrested. Her mother was flying into Tampa and needed a notary to meet her at the Detention Center. George Sr. agreed to meet her and help her out.

Visitation in the Detention Center is NOT easy. No cell phones, no sleeveless shirts can be worn, and, as expected, security is tight. When George met the lady she was exhausted from traveling from California and very distraught over the situation. George was very calm and listened to her. He wanted to help her and more so wanted to help the infant child. Personal items were taken from them and they were escorted into the facility . George was able to notarize the documents. When they left she was so thankful and now had a smile on her face. She appreciated George’s compassion and willingness to help her. She was traveling right back to California. After everything was finished she told us that if we hadn’t been available to help her she didn’t know what she would have done.