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Notary for Translated Document

You need a notary for a translated document or you have a document that’s not in English and need it notarized. That’s okay! Florida Notaries can notarize a document in a foreign language as long as the notarial certificate and document signature are in English and Florida Notary can be a notary for a translated document. The Florida Notary must be able to communicate with the signer to ensure they understand what they are signing. Here’s an example: the document you need to sign is Continue reading →

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays- A Notary On The Go- Palm Harbor & Tallahassee Tis the season of rushing around 😉  In the rush of getting ready for the holidays you might overlook a document you need to have notarized. If you do, have no fear! A Notary On the Go Palm Harbor and Tallahassee offices are available nights and weekends during the holidays. We will go above and beyond to help you get your documents notarized so you can be on with your holiday madness. Don’t forget Continue reading →

Consider Getting a Will and Power of Attorney

I have written about this before and felt I should write about it again. We find it all it happening all so often where we are called to a hospital or facility to notarize power of attorney forms or wills or other legal documents only to find that the signer is incapable of signing or not of sound mind to sign documents. A husband contacted me last night and said he needed a notary for his wife to sign so she could continue to receive Continue reading →

Palm Harbor Notary on “Your ‘legal’ Signature”

When we are asked to notarize legal documents particularly loan closing documents in most cases right below the signature line the signer’s name is printed out and this is how it needs to be signed. We will always ask you to sign your name just as it is printed below the signature line. If initials are in the document we ask you to initial with the initials in the signature. For example, if you name is printed John Smith Doe you’ll sign John Smith Doe and initial Continue reading →