Notary for Translated Document

July 25, 2017

You need a notary for a translated document or you have a document that’s not in English and need it notarized. That’s okay!

Florida Notaries can notarize a document in a foreign language as long as the notarial certificate and document signature are in English and Florida Notary can be a notary for a translated document. The Florida Notary must be able to communicate with the signer to ensure they understand what they are signing. Here’s an example: the document you need to sign is in Italian and you speak Italian and English. You contact A Notary On The Go to get the document notarized, we speak to you in English. The document can be entirely in Italian but the part we do as your notary must be in English- we can hand write it on your document if needed. Here are the examples of correct Florida Notarial Certificate wording:

Here’s the next part of foreign language document that we get asked about a lot, can we translate it. No, A Notary On the Go does not offer translation services. If you are a translator and have a translators declaration to sign then have notary for translated document, we can notarize that for you. If you need to get an Apostille for a translated document, you will need to request that the translator sign a translator’s declaration in front of a Florida Notary Public. Then you can hire us to get your Florida Apostille quickly- click here to get started with our Tallahassee Apostille Service.

Unclear about notary for translated document? Check out the National Notary Association’s recent post “May I Notarize A Document That I Translated?

Notary for your translated document got your confused? Contact A Notary On The Go today.