Immigration Requirement

August 12, 2014

I had a couple come to our Palm Harbor office to have a document notarized. It was a letter that US Immigration’s was requiring them to have notarized stating that a relative from Mexico would be coming to visit with them in the United States and they would be having the relative staying with them as their guest in their home.  They also had to include the names of the people who he was travelling with in the letter. The couple said immigration’s wouldn’t let him out of the country without the notarized letter. I could see the concern that the couple had in wanting to have their relative visit with them. Understanding the need for immigration requirements is still difficult seeing what families go through just to be able to get to have some time with another family member in our country. A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor & Tallahassee will gladly notarize the letter, however, the signer must have proper identification.  One of the family members had a Mexican passport. In order for a Florida Notary to accept a foreign passport as a form of ID it has to be stamped by US Immigration & Naturalization Services. If it’s not stamped by INS we cannot accept the foreign passport. Fortunately the other family member had a valid Florida driver’s license.