A Note from Palm Harbor A Notary On The Go

November 14, 2014

A quick note from Palm Harbor A Notary On The Go ‘s Charmaine:

Since the clocks have been turned back for Daylight Savings time it gets dark very early here in Florida. We are out and about all hours of the day and night. The early darkness can be challenging for us finding homes and businesses. We also have the winter snowbirds arriving in Florida, holiday shoppers, and vacationers out and about. Many drivers that unfamiliar with the area don’t know where they are going and can cause some havoc on the roads. Our safety in getting to our appointments is always our top priority. We allow time for unexpected situations, but there can be times when we run into unmanageable situations beyond our control.  When contacting us for an evening appointment it would be helpful to let us know anything about your neighborhood that would aid us in finding your home. Please leave an outside light on and perhaps let us know if any particular type of car may be in the driveway or if you are in a gated community. We ask this not only for our benefit, but for yours and your neighbors as well. We certainly don’t want to go to a neighbor’s house by mistake. We appreciate your concern for our safety as well. A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor, Dunedin, and Tallahassee looks forward to servicing all your notary needs at a convenient time for you.


Palm Harbor A Notary On The Go looks forward to serving you soon!