Tallahassee Notary Public MUST see your ID

November 13, 2014


I am not a “grumpy cat” HAHA! I am a stickler for rules and laws because, I am a Tallahassee Florida Notary Public. This means that the State of Florida trusts me to act according to ALL Florida Notary Public laws. Sadly, as a Tallahassee Notary Public I sometimes get requests to do things that are not legal and when I inform these requests clients of the law they are sometimes irritated with me. And sometimes they are thankful for my knowledge. Trust me, I would LOVEEEEE to notarize everything for everyone and make it easy-breezy BUT the law is the law and I take my duty as your Tallahassee Notary Public very seriously. When you call me for Tallahassee Notary Public work, rest assured that I will be following the laws and acting accordingly. Once in awhile, I get notary requests and I don’t know the answer. If this is the case, I’ll ask to call you back and I’ll look it up in my Florida Notary Law book. I pride myself in being the BEST Tallahassee Notary Public and serving my friends in the community with a professional, accurate, and convenient notary service. Sadly, I’ve had people call me and say they brought their document else where to get it notarized and when they sent it in it was done incorrectly 🙁  I hope that no Notary Public intentionally notarizes your document incorrectly. Mistakes do happen. But when you call A Notary On The Go Tallahassee you can be assure that I live and breath notary work so the chances of error are slim to none. So in conclusion, I hope to have the opportunity to serve you as your Tallahassee Notary Public. And if you ask me to notarize your paper with out and ID…..the answer is always going to be NO! 🙂

grumpy cat