What is a Florida Online Notary Service?
January 9, 2024

Simply put it’s a Florida notary that can perform a notarization online.

If you’re looking for information on Florida online notary service, it’s essential to note that online notarization is regulated by the Florida Department of State. As of January 2022, Florida law allows for remote online notarization.

For the latest and most accurate information, A Notary On The Go Florida recommends checking the official website of the Florida Department of State or contacting their office directly. They can provide details on approved online notary platforms and any specific requirements you need to fulfill.

A Florida online notary service is a business or person that can perform online remote notarizations-

The notary you hire for a Florida online notary service is required to contract with the appropriate third-party vendor that will provides them with the technological support needed to perform online notarizations. This company must provide the Florida online notary with:

a. The technology to be used in attaching or logically associating an electronic notarial certificate, signature and seal to an electronic document.
b. The technology to be used in conducting identity proofing and credential analysis.
c. The technology to store and maintain a recording of the video and audio conference of the online notarization session.

The Florida Department of State does not recommend nor endorse any particular third-party vendors. The basic requirements for vendors’ technology are found under Chapter 117, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 1N-7001, Florida Administrative Regis.

A Notary On The Go Florida provides simple and easy online notary service that our customers love it. We use a State approved technology platform to perform all our Florida online remote notary service transitions.

Online Notary ServicesA Notary On The Go Florida’s Tallahassee online notary service is simple:

  1. email us the documents you need notarized.
  2. pass your ID check with an acceptable id- Valid USA Driver’s license, Passport, or Green Card.
  3. schedule a time to your Florid online notary session.

A Notary On The Go Florida’s Tallahassee notary performs all of our Florida online notary service jobs-

The signer of the document does not need to be in Florida to have a document notarized online. We’ve notarized documents for signers in China, Brazil, and in the USA. To adhere to State Laws, when we perform your Florida online notary service, our Tallahassee notary will be in Florida – but the signer does not need to be in Florida.

A Notary On The Go’s Florida online notary service might be for you:

  • if you are a busy person and don’t have time to find a notary
  • You’re in another country and need to have a document notarized by a USA notary.
  • It’s not easy for you to leave the house to get a document notarized.
  • You need a Florida apostille fast and don’t have time to get your document notarized ship to our Tallahassee notary then have it shipped back. With our Florida online notary service, we can do the online notary session, print the document, and take to the Florida Secretary of State the same day. Saving you time and money!
  • You have a document that multiple people need to sign. Sometimes it’s hard to get multiple people in front of a notary—Florida online notary service allows you all the signers to be in their location, sign the document and have it online notarized.

Florida online notary service is a service that allows us to notarize your documents remotely. It’s like a Zoom meeting but it’s done through a state approved technology platform. After you have passed your ID check, we will meet you online at your scheduled appointment time. It will be an online meeting with video and audio.

You can be on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Our Tallahassee notary will be on their computer. You will electronically apply your signature to your document then our Tallahassee notary will apply their electronically signature and Florida notary stamp.

The completed signed and notarized document will be emailed to the signer as a pdf after the session. The online notarized document can then be printed and/or sent to whomever needs it.

Before getting your documents notarized via online remote notary be sure that the entity in which you are using the notarized document will accept an online notarized document. Although Florida law allows online notarizations some entities do not accept online notarize documents – which can be difficult for some of customers.

Online notary service is great for many reasons-

At A Notary On The Go Florida our Tallahassee notary has found that Florida online notary service is great when signers are in different locations and needs to have their documents notarized. Recently our Tallahassee notary provided online notary service for a mom and son who need a business document notarized but were in different states.

Our Florida online notary service allowed them to easily schedule a time to be online, sign their document, and have it notarized. They were super happy with the easy and availability of getting their documents notarized by our Tallahassee notary online.

Florida online notary service started during the Covid pandemic and has lasted. Our Tallahassee notary still provides in person notarizations for those that need that service.

A Notary On The Go Florida online notary fees-

Our Florida online notary service fee starts at $35 for 1 document and 1 signer. Then it’s $10 for each additional online notary stamp and $25 for each additional signer. For example, you have 2 signers and need 2 documents notarized the total would be $70. Our turnaround time is typically 2 business days. So if you contact us on Tuesday and complete you ID check right away we can get your Florida online notarization done shortly after that.

Florida online notarizations are still new, and we are all learning-

Technology is great when it works and frustration when it doesn’t. Sometimes technical issues to arise but we do our best to provide our clients with an easy simple Florida online notary service.