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Notary for Translated Document

You need a notary for a translated document or you have a document that’s not in English and need it notarized. That’s okay! Florida Notaries can notarize a document in a foreign language as long as the notarial certificate and document signature are in English and Florida Notary can be a notary for a translated document. The Florida Notary must be able to communicate with the signer to ensure they understand what they are signing. Here’s an example: the document you need to sign is Continue reading →

Acceptable forms of ID for a Florida Notary Public

A Notary Public ‘s the first thing we ask for when we are asked to notarize a document is for the signer to present a valid identification.  In Florida, acceptable identifications that a Notary Public can accept are the following: A valid driver’s license. Must be current or if expired issued within the past five years US passport issued by the Department of the State of the United States Foreign passport if stamped by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service Driver’s license officially issued in Mexico or Canada Continue reading →

A Note from Palm Harbor A Notary On The Go

A quick note from Palm Harbor A Notary On The Go ‘s Charmaine: Since the clocks have been turned back for Daylight Savings time it gets dark very early here in Florida. We are out and about all hours of the day and night. The early darkness can be challenging for us finding homes and businesses. We also have the winter snowbirds arriving in Florida, holiday shoppers, and vacationers out and about. Many drivers that unfamiliar with the area don’t know where they are going and can Continue reading →

National Notary Day, November 7th

This Friday, November 7th is National Notary Day!! A big holiday for us Notaries! Haha jk! As a Palm Harbor Notary, Dunedin Notary, and Tallahassee Notary team we pride ourselves in providing exceptional notary public services. We go above and beyond to get your documents notarized accurately. For example this past Saturday a young FSU student called Amanda around 6:30pm in a panic needing a document notarized and faxed back to his attorney before midnight! Yikes! Amanda was able to help him out….even thought he Continue reading →

We cannot give legal advice

As a Palm Harbor Notary team, we are quite often asked for advice on documents when witnessing signatures. We cannot, and will not, give legal advice. We can show you sometimes where answers may be on the document, but we cannot interpret what the meaning is. We are commissioned by the State of Florida to serve as a public impartial witness to oversee the signing of legal documents.  We are required to obtain government issued identification from the signer, and determine that the signer is Continue reading →