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How can I get a Florida Apostille?

Are you wondering, How I can get a Florida Apostille?” We can help you with getting your Florida Apostille Most documents that need Apostille also require the document to be notarized by a Florida notary public. A true copy of original verified by a Florida notary with a notary acknowledgment attached to the document or acknowledged on the copied document would be acceptable to get an Apostille. The following documents requiring an apostille cannot be notarized nor will true copies of original be accepted. We Continue reading →

Need Help Understanding Apostilles And Authentication Certificates

Need help Understanding Apostilles And Authentication Certificates? To get an Apostille in Florida you must go through the Secretary of State in Tallahassee. Good news, we offer service in Tallahassee and can obtain your Apostille for you. We understand getting an Apostille is frustrating and confusing! Often times we get contacting asking us what is an Apostille!! You’ve been told you need one but don’t even know what it is! The National Notary Association recently wrote an article to help explain what an Apostille is. Check Continue reading →

Tampa to Tallahassee Apostille Service

A Notary On The Go is a family owned and operated business. When you call us, you’ll talk to us! We personally handle all your notary and Apostille needs ensuring you get the best customer service possible. Getting a Florida Apostille certification is annoying, we understand! If you’re in Clearwater Tampa and need to get a Florida Apostille you have to drive to Talllahassee Department of State or send to the State of Florida in Tallahassee and wait for them to send back to you. Continue reading →

Is A Notary On The Go all you do?

Is A Notary On the Go all you do? You’re just a notary?! Palm Harbor A Notary On The Go and A Notary On The Go Tallahassee gets asked this all of the time! Without going into our typical day, we politely, answer yes. So this is what we do all day: 8:00 AM first closing refinance appointment with fax backs 9:00 AM back to my office do fax backs and prepare for 11:00 am purchase closing. Get a call to drop by a hospital to do a Continue reading →

Clearwater Notary was asked, “Can dog be my witness?”

As a Clearwater notary service and Tallahassee Notary service, we are asked to notarized documents that require additional witness. For examples, Wills, Power of Attorney, Quick Claim Deeds, and more all require witnesses in additional the Florida notary. Often times when we are called the caller is not aware of this and sometimes struggles to find witnesses. If this is the case we do our best to find friends and neighbors to be their witnesses- but this means you must travel to us. If you Continue reading →