Tampa to Tallahassee Apostille Service
February 7, 2017

A Notary On The Go is a family owned and operated business. When you call us, you’ll talk to us! We personally handle all your notary and Apostille needs ensuring you get the best customer service possible.

Getting a Florida Apostille certification is annoying, we understand! If you’re in Clearwater Tampa and need to get a Florida Apostille you have to drive to Talllahassee Department of State or send to the State of Florida in Tallahassee and wait for them to send back to you. More than like both of these options are not appealing to you and we are here to help! With our Tampa to Tallahassee Apostille service you simply mail us your document, we get your Florida Apostille, then we ship back to your desired location. Amanda is in Tallahassee and will handle getting the Apostille. If you are in the Tampa Clearwater area and need to have your document notarized in order to obtain the Apostille we can arrange for your to meet with Charmaine, George Jr. se habla espanol, or George Sr. They will properly notarize your documents then ship to Amanda for Apostille. Many times we receive documents to get Apostilles for and they are not notarized correctly. The State of Florida will reject documents that are not properly notarized. When you use our Tampa to Tallahassee Apostille service we will review your documents before giving to the State to make sure you get the Apostille quickly. Our standard Tampa to Tallahassee Apostille service is only $45!

To get started with your Tampa to Tallahassee Apostille service call Amanda in Tallahassee directly at 850-322-0911, Charmaine in Clearwater at 727-641-3374, or click here and complete the order form. We look forward to serving you with our Tampa to Tallahassee Apostille service.

Please note: A Notary On The Go is not the Florida Department of State and we are not affiliated with the Florida Department of State. We are a professional notary service available to obtain Apostille(s) for you quickly.