College Bound Student Reminder

June 30, 2014

4th of July is just around the corner! In the beginning of August college students will be starting to think about returning to college for the Fall semester.  Students will be looking for apartments and needing to sign apartment leases. We often get called to notarize rental leases. Typically the guarantor is the person who needs to have their signature notarized. Quite often we are  asked to notarize a lease when the guarantor is not present. If you are a student or parent signing at lease at a student housing apartment be sure to get the lease notarized when the guarantor is present. We cannot notarize the lease when the co-signer or guarantor isn’t present. Many times the parents/co-signer/guarantor looked at housing with the student and returned back to their own home.  The student later calls us and asks to have the lease notarized telling us they have permission to sign for the parents/co-signer/guarantor. We must have the parents/co-signer/guarantor present and witness their signature and check their id. We have seen and heard of instances where the student loses out on an apartment because they can’t get this done. The lease would have to be sent back to where the parents/co-signer/guarantor is and they would have to take it someplace to be notarized. We can provide Palm Harbor Notary Tallahassee Notary services.  Call us for Palm Harbor Notary Tallahassee Notary services and  we’ll be glad to notarize the lease when your parents/co-signer/guarantor are present.