Palm Harbor Notary- Have a Will and a Power of Attorney

January 19, 2017

We have said this before and can’t say it often enough, “have your Will and a Power of Attorney in place.”

We understand no one wants to think about their Will and a Power of Attorney. In the event that something does happen to you, having these documents in place will help you and your family out tremendously.

True story:

I was contacted to notarize a power of attorney for a man who was a quadriplegic and in the hospital. He had recently been in an accident. He was driving a golf cart when it tipped over and landed on him. The accident had left him paralyzed and unable to speak. He needed to have a power of attorney signed for his wife to be able to access his accounts in order to pay bills. He was unable to sign and needed me, the notary, to sign on for him. Florida is a state that allows a notary public to sign for someone who is incapable of signing. The person who directs the notary to sign has to be able to communicate that they are asking the notary to sign on his or her behalf and have two impartial witnesses present. When I arrived at the hospital he could not communicate to me that he wanted me to sign for him so we could not execute the power of attorney. The hospital advised me that as soon as he had a speech therapist that could help him with communicating with me they would contact me.

It took almost two weeks. His bills were piling up. The hospital called me and said he was able to speak. They asked me to come back and get the power of attorney notarized for him. I did return and he was able to communicate his wishes, had two impartial witness, a valid form of ID, so I was able to complete the notarization. Palm Harbor Notary to the rescue!

We never know when a situation can happen when we need these documents in place. Contact A Notary On The Go Palm Harbor and A Notary On The Go Tallahassee. We will be glad to notarize your legal documents at your convenience. We can travel to your location or you can come to ours.